“The Secret” Isn’t Really a Secret Anymore…is it?

"The Secret" is out!

"The Secret" is out!

Remember all the hype when the movie The Secret found its way into mainstream media? Even Oprah couldn’t get enough of the movie. After putting it on her show – she invited Esther Hicks on her satellite radio show – who “channeled” (yes, channeled) a group of non-physical entities known as Abraham to explain the “Law of Attraction”. She had guests return for multiple shows and it filled pages after pages in her magazine.

Problem was, many people believed (wrongly) they suddenly had magical powers and if they thought about something daily and really believed it would manifest itself. And if it didn’t – you were not doing it right. Plus everything that has ever happened to you – was because you willed it upon yourself.

Suddenly everyone was on the “Law of Attraction” bandwagon.

Brad Sugars already had a pragmatic approach to getting what you want out of life via the formula he uses: Dream. Plan. Act. Goal.

Now, the Law of Attraction seems to focus on the dreaming part. ActionCOACH’s full explanation is a little more sensible to me.

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2 Responses to ““The Secret” Isn’t Really a Secret Anymore…is it?”

  1. Cécile Bronnec says:

    Dream. Plan. Act. Goal

    I thought it was Dream GOAL Plan Act????

  2. NE DMV says:

    I’m sure proceeding to scan more of your post. :)

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