Author Brad Sugars

Author Brad Sugars

Brad Sugars is the author of 14 business books. His pen name is Bradley J Sugars. These titles are published by the business publishing arm of McGraw Hill and are available in several foreign languages. His book The Business Coach has been released as an audio book.

The majority of Brad’s books were first released as custom published titles. One of his earlier books “Cash, Customers and Ads that Sell” later were rewritten into two books “Instant Advertising” and “Instant Cashflow”.

His later titles “The Business Coach” and “The Real Estate Coach” along with “Billionaire in Training” adopt the popular storytelling style using another person’s situation or story to illustrate a point. Brad’s other books like “Instant Systems” and “Instant Team Building” are more instructional which give you simple hints, tips and advice on how to implement in your business straight away.

Regardless of subject or style, all of Brad books have a similar conversational tone. Brad Sugars has been criticized for having his books written by ghost writers. You just have to read Brad’s blog and social media sites to see that the books are written very true to Brad’s style. Whether ghost written or not, many well known and popular writers employ the services of ghost writers to help edit, do research or fill in gaps in the copy. Brad Sugars did not create the ghost writing industry!

Brad Sugars books are very easy to read. Most of them you read in less than a day. The best way to use the books to benefit your business is to ask yourself at the end of the chapter “Am I doing that in my business?” rather than “Did I know this?”. Some chapters are a very helpful reminder to owners what they knew but had forgotten to do. Other chapters are filled with practical idea and tips and advice on how to make more money.

At US$16.95 Brad Sugars books are an excellent investment in your business. They are segmented into various areas of the business like Instant Sales or Instant Systems so you can give the books to employees in your business that are responsible for that area of your business.

The books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other book stores. If you cannot find a Bradley J Sugars book in your local bookstore you can ask the owner to order it in, or even contact one of Brad Sugars ActionCOACHes as they usually have some stock available.

Brad Sugars is currently writing several other titles which will be released in 2010.